Repair Your Old CompressorsMaintain All Compressor MakesBuy Used And New Equipment

All Types Steel/Aluminum-MIG/Stick

Shaft Repairs/Pump Housing/Cast Iron
Production Runs:
Small Parts or Assemblies
Powder Spray Welding:
All Types of Repairs
Electric Arc Spray Welding:
All Types of Repairs
Equipment List:
4 Lathes, 2 Milling Machines, 3 Drill Presses, 2 Surface Grinders
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It’s not just a catchy slogan; it is our mission statement. We are striving to be YOUR compressor & pneumatic equipment partner. We can work with you as we perform routine maintenance on your compressor, rebuild your aging pump, install a new unit, or a properly sized air distribution “trunk” line.

Please take a look around our site. You will find some general information on our “CompCare” maintenance program, Curtis-Toledo Air Compressorsair compressors by Curtis Toledo, and some of the other products we can supply. Be sure to look at our Products & Services, where you will see a photograph of a custom bead saw we manufactured. Custom work is another feature we are able to offer you.

Contact Us and give the “Air Head Professor” aka: Darwin Davis a phone call or e-mail him. Be sure to ask for your air head and he will gladly visit with you to deliver it.

Thank you for visiting our site.